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Basic energy-saving tips

  • by JW

reducing both our household spend and our environmental impact


Back in the autumn of last year, there were already fears about rising energy bills:

Energy bills: “much more cost to come” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

There are lots of tips on how to save money by saving energy – where we can both reduce our household spend and reduce our environmental impact.

The ‘compare the market’ website has just sent the VGS a message – and a link to a full look at how to save:

Our guide shares important insights, such as:

  1. The benefits and advantages of using a smart power strip
  2. How to add natural light to your home and save energy
  3. Choosing and using the right energy-saving light bulbs
  4. Longer-term investments to help make your home more energy-efficient

Here’s the full guide:

12 useful tips to save energy
If you’re one of the many people who transitioned to flexible or full-time work from home, you may have noticed your energy bills creeping up….

Basic energy-saving tips
Simple fixes to your daily habits can have a huge impact on the amount you save on energy every year, even once the pandemic is over. Keep reading to discover some easy changes you can make to save on your next bill…

Energy Saving Tips for the Winter |