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Transition Exmouth: Jan/Feb ’22 newsletter

  • by JW

Ordaloca… EcargoBikes… Exeter Science Centre… Library of Things


Some great ideas and actions from the VGS sister group – with some selections from their latest newsletter:

Local Action Contents: Phear Park Tree Guide – Green Drinks February on CEE Bill – Green Drinks March on Ordaloca – Fairtrade – New Umbrella group – Teach the Future – Wildflower Wardens – Water Fountains – Peat-Free compost – Beach Clean – Heat Devon grants -ExeCargo Shortlist – Active Travel Day – Ecohub – Planning References – Exeter Science Centre – Transition membership – Tree planting – Rivers Trust – Library of Things – – Transition UK conference – DIY Video Workshop – Support for Social Enterprises.

29 Minute talk by


at Sundowners , the Strand, Exmouth.

E-commerce is great for buying commodity items. It makes sense and can be good for the environment too by centralising logisitics. However there’s a problem when used at the local level. It misses the unique factors that make flourishing local companies so special, ignores customer experience and isn’t designed for the different set of problems and advantages selling locally brings..It also pushes everything into the hands of a few major players (you know who we are talking about).. are creating the right tools for local businesses to use their distinct advantages to thrive alongside e-commerce. And by doing so build better communities and help the environment too… Jim Hill tells us more about this exciting new project, growing out of Exmouth’s Propeller hub. If you can’t make it to Green Drinks , Ordaloca will be featuring as the February blog on – keep an eye on the website and social media for the post !

ExeCargo – The Shortlist.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Transition newsletters you’ll know that we’ve raised over £12,000 to buy a pair of ecargo bikes for use by Exmouth businesses, community groups and individuals.

The Execargo team have been busy test riding different bikes and taking advice from groups like Plymouth’s BikeSpace , Beryl Bikes and CoBikes.

We have looked into dozens of different ecargo bikes, and now have a shortlist of three different types. None of the test riders liked the three-wheeler trikes. “The trikes handle very strangely”, said tester Olly Davey . “If you had one as your own bike , you’d get used to it , but they aren’t suitable for hiring out to different people”. Corrinne from BikeSpace agrees – “we spend a lot of time persuading people that they don’t need a trike for stability” she told us. “At first it feels odd to have a longer wheel base on a two wheeler , but everyone gets used to it really quickly – it’s just like riding an ordinary bike”. Urban Arrows are used by a number of different courier services , but are the most expensive of our top three favourites. Ridgeback’s Butcher’s bike (vegan alternative available:) was the least expensive , and we all agreed that it was easy to ride , the electric assist sailing us up Exmouth’s hills even loaded with two sacks of peat-free compost. Raleigh have two good looking bikes, the Stride2 Family bike and the Pro Cargo Bike .”The lockable box on the pro bike looks great ” says Jan Gannaway,”

A lot of tradespeople like plumbers and electricians are using ecargobikes now . We need to make sure we have at least one bike with secure lockable storage for tools”. We are expecting delivery of the Raleigh test bike in mid February, and then we will be making up our minds and placing the orders.

If you would like to be involved in testing and choosing the ecargo bikes, or if you’re interested in using one for your business or community group , please contact us .

Transition Exmouth’s ExeCargoCrowdfunder was supported by over 70 individuals , Exmouth Town Council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency fund EDDC’s Crowdfunder and DCC’s Climate Action Back the Future . We massively appreciate every single pledge. Many thanks to everyone who is helping with this project. We are planning to launch ExeCargo at Active travel Day in the Strand , Exmouth, on 30th April – do come along and have a ride !

.Exeter Science Centre’s vision is an exemplary STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Medicine) Discovery Centre in Exeter, open to everyone. They are collecting submissions for their climate themed pop up to be held 11th-14th and 18th-21st March 2022. This is such a great project fusing science and art and aiming to build community engagement. They are keen for drawings, paintings, photos, poems, sounds and videos … all you creative people can get involved now !

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