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Big Butterfly Count: Friday 17 July to Sunday 9 August

  • by JW

1: Choose a place to spot butterflies and moths.

2: Watch for 15 minutes.

3: Then record which species you see.


It starts tomorrow:

Big Butterfly Count


And is the first of the surveys for the Sid Valley Survey – as given at this week’s Café Scientifique:

online: Biodiversity Special – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Biodiversity Special | Sidmouth Science Festival


A message from Butterfly Conservation today:


Special Edition

July 2020

The Big Butterfly Count is back tomorrow – and this year’s count is more critical than ever.

Following the fine spring weather we’ve seen the earliest average emergence of butterflies for the last 20 years. It’s vital that we understand how these weather patterns affect butterflies to help protect them for the future.

By spending just 15 minutes taking part in this year’s Big Butterfly Count, you will help us understand how different species are faring in your area, which in turn will help us target research and conservation work where it’s needed most.

So many of us have sought comfort, inspiration and hope through spending time in nature during the difficult last few months of lockdown, participating in the Big Butterfly Count is an easy way to give a gift back to nature this summer.

What’s new this year? 

This year we’ve upgraded the website and app to make it even easier to use. This means you’ll need to have the latest version of the app for your count to be included. Please click the download buttons below to ensure you’ve got the latest version of the app.

How to take part in the Big #ButterflyCount 2020:

Step 1.

Get Ready

Download our handy butterfly ID chart or free app for iOS and Android to identify and record the butterflies you spot.

Download the ID chart

Step 2. 

Join in

Between Friday 17 July and Sunday 9 August choose a place to spot butterflies and moths. Watch for 15 minutes.

Visit the Big Butterfly Count

Step 3.

Add your counts

Add your counts on the website or the app and check out our interactive map to see how your data is contributing to conservation science and research.

Visit the website

Step 4.

Spread the word

The more people who take part, the more we can understand about butterflies. Spread the word and help save our most threatened species. 

Get the NEW App for iOS & Android!

Count on the move with the FREE Big Butterfly Count app for smartphones.

Carry out and submit your count all in one go while out and about watching butterflies.

Don’t forget to upgrade your app to ensure your count counts!

If you need to contact us please email



The Big Butterfly Count Is Back!