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Boosting walking and cycling and supporting social distancing

  • by JW

Further cash for “to assist social distancing at busy bus stops, temporary cycle parking and restricted space in crowded areas.”


The councils have been putting in measures to help people feel safe around town:

Part-pedestrianisation for Sidmouth town centre – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Strategies to open up Sidmouth: more social distancing – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Heeding guidance around social distancing in the South West – Vision Group for Sidmouth


Midweek, the press were reporting on the further pedestrianisation of Sidmouth’s town centre:

A car-free Sidmouth? – Radio Exe


And as more information and funding has become available – and as more shops and businesses begin to open –  more measures are being put into effect:


Cycling and walking replacing cars

Details of Devon’s ‘active travel’ changes

The first changes to road networks across Devon as part of measures to boost walking and cycling and support social distancing have been installed. Devon County Council is continuing to roll-out its “pop-up” improvements which are being funded with an initial £338,000 from the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund.


The main focus has been on Exeter:



“Pop-up” walking and cycling improvements – YouTube


But schemes are being rolled out and offered for around the County:


Local Measures

An allocation for local communities to provide the traffic management in town centres and those communities with large daytime retail/tourist populations has been set aside, and would be aimed at measures to assist social distancing at busy bus stops, temporary cycle parking and restricted space in crowded areas.

Devon County Council will be looking to bring forward schemes that focus on the busiest settlements and employment centres, and the proposals should be able to support local residents, the travelling public, businesses and the wider communities to keep themselves safe and active as we move toward the next step in our response to COVID-19.

These schemes will have to be 50 per cent match funded by the community, in the order of £2000 will be provided for the hire of equipment, and the council we will be contacting community representatives directly to start the conversation on what they could deliver to help promote active travel.

Anyone with an idea should share their ideas with their Town and Parish Council in the first instance, and then complete the application form and return it to All ideas should be received by Devon County Council no later than 19 June 2020.

Rural Communities

The focus on urban areas though has led to feeling that rural communities are being ignored when it comes to funding for new cycling, pedestrian and traffic management schemes..

.Cycling and walking replacing cars – Radio Exe