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Aiming for “gigabit-capable” broadband networks to every home

  • by JW

… by sharing infrastructure.


There have been lots of issues around bad broadband:

Problems around rural broadband continue… – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Broadband after the coronavirus – Vision Group for Sidmouth


Now the government wants to push for better broadband – by allowing for the sharing of infrastructure:


Government May Open UK Utilities Infrastructure for Broadband

The UK government (DCMS) will today launch a call for evidence as part of a new review of the Access to Infrastructure (ATI) Regulations 2016, which could enable “gigabit-capable” broadband operators to expand their networks by harnessing existing electricity, gas, water and sewer networks via infrastructure sharing.

The idea is intended to support the Government’s planned public investment of £5bn (here), which aims to help spread “gigabit-capable” broadband networks to every home across the United Kingdom by the end of 2025 (funding for this will go toward the final 20% of premises in harder to reach locations, such as rural areas); this remains an incredibly difficult target to actually hit…

NOTE: The National Infrastructure Commission claims that infrastructure re-use could lead to an £8bn cost saving for gigabit-capable broadband builders.

Government May Open UK Utilities Infrastructure for Broadband – ISPreview UK