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“Building a better, more secure food system”

  • by JW

“How to provide a steady supply of fruit and veg to greengrocers, corner shops and restaurants” [Radio 4’s The Food Programme]


It will be remembered how we ran out of fresh veg last month: Tomato shortages in UK blamed on Brexit, war in Ukraine, climate change : NPR

Or, rather, it was supermarkets that ran out of fresh veg: Tesco run out of turnips: Supermarkets empty as shoppers scrabble to buy in-season produce | Daily Mail Online

Because, at least in the Sid Valley, all the small independent sellers of fruit and veg were able to supply pretty much everything.

And it was these retailers who were nominated and recognised during the 2021 Champions Awards for looking after the local community: The Champions Awards 2021: the full and final list – Sustainable Sidmouth Champion Awards

Radio 4’s The Food Programme looked behind the scenes to see how it was done:

Sheila Dillon delves into the world of fresh produce wholesale markets – an unseen part of the food system which has provided a steady supply of fruit and veg to greengrocers, corner shops and restaurants during the recent shortages in supermarkets. Could they be game changers in building a better, more secure food system in Britain? BBC Radio 4 – The Food Programme, Secret Supply Lines – Fruit & Veg Under the Radar

As the wholesalers said during the programme, there are all sorts of reasons for the unreliability of supply: Brexit, food security and the South West – Vision Group for Sidmouth and Agriculture’s glacial progress on climate change – Vision Group for Sidmouth

But ultimately we need to rely on more local supplies: Shortening food supply chains – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And a more circular economy: Food, farming and the circular economy – Vision Group for Sidmouth