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Celebrating Sidmouth’s heritage

  • by JW

The Sid Valley’s historical buildings are pretty impressive:

Built Heritage


And much of this is being celebrated:

The Lost Cliffs of Sidmouth > Exhibition

Sidmouth heritage: Sidholme Hotel

East Devon’s local heritage list


A recent posting looked at how this vast treasure could be opened up even more:


Our ‘built environment’ matters

There is a wealth of information out there… as can be seen on our webpage on Built Heritage; and opportunities for Sidmouth to apply for funding to improve our buildings and High Streets

We already have experts on the work of Sampson  and a Sid Vale Association history group who are helping EDDC to put together a Local List of built heritage…

Our ‘built environment’ matters


Sidmouth has more listed buildings than any other part of Devon, except the county town:

East Devon’s local heritage list


And suggestions from a correspondent suggest there is so much of interest, that there would be a basis for formalising this as a festival and academic study:


Even elderly/disabled people can manage to access the high number around town and that means a festival which is inclusive becomes possible.

Arcot Rd, Sidmouth: Google Maps

Although not listed the Manstone and Arcot Estates are historically and architecturally significant because they are pretty much unchanged from 1926 ish. I don’t think there can be many places which offer such a range of housing designed for different purposes in such a small area. We should be able to attract Sociology courses as well as Architecture courses.


See also:

East Devon Guide for listing local heritage assets