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Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries: bringing visions together

  • by JW

A look at the different views and perspectives of these special places.


The outline proposal for the friends group, aka Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries, hopes to be a starting point to map out the future of the Sid Valley’s cemeteries and churchyards.

And this coming Tuesday 14th November will see the launching a ‘friends group’ for Sidmouth’s cemeteries at the VGS AGM – at which there will be plenty of opportunity to share visions of these special places.

There have been several visions of Sidmouth’s cemeteries – from the formal to the less formal – with the combination of monumental art and nature perhaps being a solid and positive vision which could be accepted by many.

Here’s a selection of images available online, which look at the different views and perspectives of these special places.


Firstly, here are a couple of photos from Kate Tobin, who combines the monumental art with nature:

With thanks to Kate Tobin, whose photographs will be appearing on the Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries website…

These images are from the Geograph website – and show the architecture, the layout and monuments of Sidmouth Cemetery:

Sidmouth Cemetery cross © Anthony Vosper :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Entrance to Sidmouth Cemetery © Jaggery :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Cemetery Lodge, Sidmouth © Jaggery cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Sidmouth Cemetery Chapel © Anthony Vosper :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

This is a view taken by Denise Bickley from the top:

Managing wildlife in Sidmouth Cemetery – three years on – Vision Group for Sidmouth

This is a picture of the memorial angel looking down on the ox-eye daisies, again from Kate Tobin:

Launching a ‘friends group’ for Sidmouth’s cemeteries @ the VGS AGM: Tues 14th Nov – Vision Group for Sidmouth


This is another image from Geograph by Anthony Vosper, of Sidbury Cemetery, just behind the village:

Sidbury cemetery © Anthony Vosper cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

With a walk among the memorials:

Sidbury Cemetery, Devon, UK. Walking among the memorials. – YouTube


The Parish churchyard is also managed by the District Council – with another view on Geograph, from James Cox:

Sidmouth Parish Church Graveyard – – 1494856.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Whilst the Sidmouth Parish Church is interested in working with the Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries project, the other churches in the Sid Valley have not as yet been contacted – and they might well be more than happy with current arrangements!

Nevertheless, to finish, here is a recent photo taken in the Sidford churchyard by Ed Dolphin of Fading parrot waxcaps:

(20+) Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | I happened to walk through the churchyard in Sidford and noticed these. | Facebook

Finally, a huge thanks to all these photographers – whose images should help us shape our visions for the Sid Valley’s cemeteries.