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Climate change: ways ahead

  • by J.W.

“If we change the life of one person at a time, then we’re doing our part.”


Today, the UN released its latest report – which makes for a sober read: Climate change: World so far off targets needed to stop global warming it will destroy economies, says UN report | Climate News | Sky News

This is in the context of the next COP meeting in Egypt coming up: COP27: Prioritise climate or face catastrophe – UN chief – BBC News

But there are some possible ways ahead:

Should rich countries and fossil fuel companies pay for the climate losses and damages they have caused? What if polluters footed the climate bill? – BBC Future

Disaster puts country at forefront of debate about who should pay for ravages of global warming ‘It’s the fault of climate change’: Pakistan seeks ‘justice’ after floods | Financial Times

The US special envoy on climate change says that nearly every government in the world is failing to reduce emissions at the pace needed to avoid what the UN warns could be catastrophic temperature rises. King Charles attending COP27 would be ‘very powerful’, US climate envoy John Kerry says | Climate News | Sky News

No one among us will live to see climate change “fixed” at a global level. But for people who live in neighborhoods already hit hard by global warming, hyperlocal action can yield real results. When hot, treeless, or flood-prone neighborhoods are greened and reengineered, residents can feel the difference on their skin. They can smell the trees. “If we change the life of one person at a time, then we’re doing our part.” A Smaller, Nimbler Way to Counter Climate Change – The Atlantic

“We are the opposite of doomscrolling,” explained Pique Action founder and CEO, Kip Pastor. “We want to change the conversation around climate to be focused on what we can do and not the doom and gloom that leaves us powerless and full of anxiety.” Fighting Climate Change Requires All Kinds Of Messaging