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Cost of living crisis: help at hand

  • by JW

Practical ways to manage


Things are getting very difficult – if not desperate – for many:

Where you stand if bailiffs knock at the door and what they are allowed to do? – Devon Live

However, there is help at hand.

Last month, the District Council had its Household Support Fund which supported 640 residents in the district:

Hundreds of struggling East Devon residents get help with cost of living

The council has just launched its Action on Poverty Fund, aimed at helping volunteers:

“This fund is aimed at the structural challenges in addressing rural, semi-rural and urban poverty. We’d like to thank the many volunteers who continue to give their time and have stepped up with such generosity in this crucial work.”

East Devon Action on Poverty Fund launched | Sidmouth Herald

7 April 2022 – New Action on Poverty Fund launched by East Devon District Council – East Devon

And then there is the Sidmouth Herald’s Money Matters – “a campaign offering practical advice and support as you grapple with a surge in the cost of living”:

Help with the cost of living crisis | Sidmouth Herald

And meanwhile, there is lots of very helpful advice:

12 ways to make your money stretch further as living costs surge – Devon Live

Also from founder Martin Lewis:

Cost of living survival kit

Including on the SolarPunk pages:

The rising cost of living – can we learn the skills to make do and mend? – Sidmouth Solarpunk

The rising cost of imported food – can we become more sustainable by eating local? – Sidmouth Solarpunk

And these pages:

The cost of living crisis in Sidmouth – Vision Group for Sidmouth