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Energy efficiency: “the fabled silver bullet”

  • by JW

“… because it will help cut bills and carbon emissions while reducing reliance on foreign gas. It is a genuine triple whammy.”

PLUS: Practical help with making your home more energy efficient


One of the criticisms of the government’s energy policy is that it hasn’t addressed reduction in demand:

While the strategy offers big long-term moves on offshore wind and nuclear to safeguard energy security in the medium term, the truth is the government has said very little about how it will cut energy bills over the next couple of years.

A bold energy strategy won’t help households in the short term | The Times (paywall)

It should go without saying that these issues must be addressed right now. Getting everything sorted by 2030 doesn’t really cut it… Earlier this week it was reported that Number 10 and the Business Secretary’s team were pushing for an expansion of the Energy Company Obligation scheme, which uses money raised from a levy on energy bills to pay for home energy efficiency improvements for the poorest households. The idea was for the Treasury to stump up £200m extra a year so that the £1bn scheme could be expanded beyond people receiving benefits, but the Chancellor nixed it.
This is the definition of a false economy. Eon’s Lewis describes energy efficiency as the “fabled silver bullet” because it will help cut bills and carbon emissions while reducing reliance on foreign gas. It is a genuine triple whammy.

Double glazing is a better bet than nuclear to solve Britain’s supply shock (Telegraph paywall)

The UK’s highly-anticipated Energy Security Strategy should have gone further and faster on energy efficiency and onshore wind, with the Government missing opportunities to cut bills and emissions, according to a host of high-profile figures within the green economy.

‘Economically and environmentally illiterate’: Green economy reacts to UK Energy Security Strategy – edie

Meanwhile in Dorset, there are different approaches on energy:

Dorset Council to debate two conflicting energy policies | Dorset Echo

The ‘energy efficiency guru’ Amory Lewis thinks we should be prioritising bringing down the use of energy:

“Energy efficiency is not taught, and it’s certainly not in any government study or climate model. Why not? “Because it’s not a technology. It’s a bloody design,” he says.

Energy efficiency: “its time has come” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Here are some practical tips and links:

More basic energy-saving tips – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With more from Sustainable Crediton in Mid Devon:

Help with making your home more energy efficient

Positive news from Exeter Community Energy:

Sustainable Warmth Grants

Sustainable Warmth Home Improvement grants are now available in Devon.

  • If your combined household income is less than £30000, and your Energy Performance certificate rating is E, F or G, then you may be able to get some grant funded improvements to your home.
  • Measures such as insulation, improved doors and windows, and upgraded heating are all considered. Fossil fuel heating systems are not included in this scheme.To find out more and to check if you are eligible contact

Retrofit in Devon

New service coming soon across Devon from the Cosy Devon partnership.

  • Homeowners will be able to get impartial advice and full retrofit reports to help them improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
  • To register your interest in this service and be kept informed of the service launch, visit

Sustainable Crediton – Help with making your home more energy efficient