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Councils to be given extra cash

  • by JW

“Council workers are the unsung heroes.”


Over the last weeks, air pollution has plummeted – but so has revenue from council car parks:


Coronavirus hits council income

Exeter City Council is set to lose around £1m a month as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Karime Hassan, Chief Executive and Growth Director of Exeter City Council, said that the impact of the lockdown imposed by the Government was beginning to bite on the finances of the council. Mr Hassan said that a significant impact was being felt by the reduced in car parking income, which last week was 98.8 per cent down on the budgeted target set in February.

Coronavirus hits council income |

Dramatic drops in air pollution


Yesterday it was being reported that councils were facing ruin:


Coronavirus: English councils ‘on brink of financial failure’

Many councils were already under severe financial strain before the coronavirus crisis, particularly those responsible for social care. Since 2010 many local authorities have had to cut services to balance the books.

The crisis has resulted in extra pressure on services that support the most vulnerable: the elderly, disabled and homeless. At the same time income from fees and charges has dried up, and there’s fear that council tax revenues may fall as people face financial hardship.

At the start of this crisis, council leaders said they largely felt reassured by government promises of support. Now – with so much demand on the Treasury – there’s scepticism about how much more funding will be forthcoming. Local government, which often feels like a forgotten frontline service, wants to ensure its voice is heard among the calls for support. Hence this stark warning about the potential consequences for crucial services if it doesn’t get more cash…

Coronavirus: English councils ‘on brink of financial failure’ |


Today, the government announced a further cash injection:


Coronavirus: Councils given £1.6bn funding boost after fears of service cuts

‘Up and down the country council workers are the unsung heroes as we tackle this virus,’ says minister

Councils across England will be given be given an additional £1.6bn in funding to deal with the coronavirus crisis, Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced, after a warning many faced financial failure if they had to shoulder the burden.

The cash injection doubles the funding available to councils in England to deal with the effects of the crisis, after £1.6bn was announced earlier this year. The extra cash will help councils deal with the immediate impact of the pandemic, including helping rough sleepers off the streets and schemes to assist extremely vulnerable people shielded in their own homes.

The Local Government Information Unit think tank has warned that councils will “fail in large numbers” unless ministers made good on his earlier promise to “do whatever is necessary” to support them.

As he sought to head off a damaging row with local authorities, Mr Jenrick praised them as “unsung heroes” in the fight against Covid-19…

Coronavirus: Councils given £1.6bn funding boost after fears of service cuts |


With more help from the Local Government Association:

Coronavirus: information for councils |