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Cranbrook: the town without a town centre

  • by JW

Competing proposals brings further doubts and delays.


The Futures Forum blog has charted the demise of East Devon’s eco-town:

Futures Forum: Cranbrook: an ‘eco-town’ no more

… to a town without a heart:

Futures Forum: Cranbrook: where’s the ‘good design’?

Futures Forum: “Cranbrook is experiencing the same issues as other high streets” > but the new town can’t apply for Future High Streets funding… because it hasn’t got a high street

A year ago, things were still going nowhere, as reported by the East Devon News:

Stark warning Cranbrook is at risk of becoming an ‘austerity town’

Although the District Council have a detailed Development Plan Document for the town.

A year on, and Cranbrook Town Council really wants to get going with creating a town centre:


With a ‘consortium’ saying it wants the same:

Cranbrook Town Centre

The problem being that there are now two competing proposals:

Delivery of the Town Centre in Cranbrook – Cranbrook


With the developers having the more impressive visuals:

So it seems it’s not going to happen, again as reported by East Devon News:

‘Significant changes’ made to vision for Cranbrook town centre

As revealed in the press release from the District Council:

18 September 2020 – Strategic Planning meeting to discuss Cranbrook Town Centre postponed to review amended proposals by developers – East Devon

Daniel Clark reports:

Decision on Cranbrook town centre will have to wait

Competing proposals were due to be discussed this week – but the developers have decided to revise their scheme

East Devon District Council’s Strategic Planning Committee on Wednesday were due to discuss and make a recommendation over the way in which development would come forward.

They would have been faced with two competing proposals – one from the East Devon New Community Partners and one for the council to develop its own masterplan approach – with officers advising that the Cranbrook Town Centre Masterplan SPD should be the way forward…

Decision on Cranbrook town centre will have to wait – Devon Live