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Creating a home for all sorts of wildlife in the Byes

  • by JW

“David Attenborough does bigger things and our efforts may be just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is only a lot of raindrops that have come together.”


Steve Jones of the Friends of the Byes has been writing pieces for the Herald on behalf of its sister group the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group – including this from a couple of months ago:

Fleabane in the Byes – Vision Group for Sidmouth


Here is Steve writing about a very successful project to encourage biodiversity in what was a very scrappy part of the Byes park:



Sidmouth News, Sport and Things to do | Sidmouth Herald


The FOTB are indeed active, despite present circumstances, with a posting from a couple of days ago on their Facebook pages:

Walking the Byes with my lovely committee buddy, Carol, talking about the possibilities of what form it may take for us to be starting back our activities at some point soon…

So grateful for the interconnectedness through our amazing volunteer group, supporting each other in such caring ways throughout these testing times…

And while we are tucked up on our homes, it’s also Lovely to see Nature expanding into spaces that we haven’t been keeping ‘in check’… What an opportunity to see what Nature would like us to do next! Nature is such an amazing guide! xx

Friends of The Byes / Sidmouth BEE Project – Posts | Facebook