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Crowdfunder to raise funds for Sidmouth’s lifeguard service

  • by JW

Last weekend there was a theft at a very popular business – and there has been a huge response:

Sidmouth comes together to support Jurassic Paddle Sports after thefts

The Sidmouth community has come together to support a water-sports business in the town which was burgled on Sunday (July 21).
A Crowdfunder page has been set up by Sidmouth resident Charlie Williams to help Jurassic Paddle Sports, which provides unofficial lifeguard coverage for Sidmouth beach.
On Sunday thieves destroyed a shed owned by the business and stole wetsuits, flags, buckets and a life-saving rescue tube. The damage and theft is estimated to have cost the business around £1,000.
Jurassic Paddle Sports’ owner Guy Russell, 36, says he has been blown away by the support from the community and any money raised will all go towards providing lifesaving equipment for his lifeguard service, none of the money will be used to support his business.
Guy, a trained lifeguard and veteran crew member for Sidmouth Lifeboat, and his team provide unofficial lifeguard coverage for Sidmouth Beach and have been working with Sidmouth Town Council, East Devon District Council and Sidmouth Lifeboat for the past three years to become the official lifeguard service. Guy is confident that official status will be granted within the next year. – Sidmouth comes together to support Jurassic Paddle Sports after thefts


Almost £2k of the £6k sought has been pledged on the Crowdfunder page:


With a message on their Facebook pages:

Jurassic Paddle Sports