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Developing green skills for a sustainable future

  • by JW

Navigating the job market in the Green Transition


City & Guilds are keen on developing Green Skills and Sustainability – and with that in mind, they’ve put together a new podcast which explores skills for a sustainable future:

Listen to Episode 1: Green Horizons – Navigating Britain’s Labour Market in the Green Transition

They talk about the Green Transition – but the UK government isn’t really talking about it. The Finish government asks What is the green transition? The European Commission has its Green transition. WWF in the UK talks about putting people at the heart of the green transition. And the LSE says the green transition is an opportunity for the UK – but it must be truly fair and just.

We do of course have the Transition Town movement – founded in the UK. And the VGS is a member of that, under the rubric of Sustainable Sidmouth. With a look here from India at the Transition Town Movement: Local Action In The Wake Of Global Emergency And Collapse.

But, finally, as the City & Guilds podcast suggested and as yesterday’s post here said: Green jobs are ‘soaring’ in the South West – as we transition to a sustainable future with the right skills and the right mind set.

So, yes, we can talk about the Green Transition happening in East Devon.