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Devon buses ‘are central to the economy and to avoiding social isolation’

  • by JW

Things could be better for buses:

How to reverse the decline in rural bus services

Although there are some good things happening:

Cheaper bus fares to Exeter

Hopper Bus returns to Sidmouth


It’s a mixed picture, then, as told by Bus Users UK in Exeter:

“False economy” on buses causes isolation

But passenger rep says Devon does well

Devon’s doing better when it comes to bus provision than many other counties, according to the UK’s top passenger campaign group – but lack of funding from central government is a “false economy” that ultimately costs more in social care.

Claire Walters, chief executive of Bus Users UK says the county council works well and in partnership with other local authorities and bus providers in both the commercial and community sectors, despite the backdrop of nearly a decade of austerity.

Ms Walters told a conference in Exeter this week that buses are central both to the economy – enabling people to get to work and out to shops and restaurants – as well as playing a part in helping avoid social isolation

“False economy” on buses causes isolation


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