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Don’t panic buy: bulk buy and refill

  • by JW

Bulk buying is not only economical – it’s eco-friendly as well.


There are several small businesses pulling out all the plugs to serve the local community:

Shops and services: help at hand: update

Help at hand – and help needed


One particular business has had to close its (newly opened in November) shop in Sidmouth – but is still trading in Ottery and is offering to deliver:

After the Government announcement, I have closed our Sidmouth shop. The Ottery St Mary shop will remain open on reduced hours. Fillfull and Samosa Lady will be open for collecting orders on Wednesday and Friday 10-12. We will also be making deliveries on Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

To place an order for Fillfull email, Facebook messenger or go to the website.



This is more than simply trying to get rid of plastic waste: it’s about supporting a community business and buying in bulk – all of which is about sustaining and cultivating a more resilient local economy.


Here’s a register of such businesses:

Local Plastic-Free/Bulk/Unpackaged/Refill/Zero Waste Shops and Projects UK |


Buying in bulk is in fact cheaper on the pocket – and has a much lower carbon footprint:


Why Bulk Buying is Eco-Friendly

You probably already know that buying in bulk usually means cost savings.  Shops typically offer discounts and cheaper prices per unit when you purchase a higher quantity.  However, bulk buying is not only economical – it’s eco-friendly as well.

Here are a few reasons to buy in bulk and help contribute to saving our environment.

Why Bulk Buying is Eco-Friendly |


Finally, we need to support our local businesses – and there are other models out there to consider:

Guide for Community Buying Groups |