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East Devon’s first zero-emission taxi service

  • by JW

New eco-business launched

“A mindset for our sustainable future”

“Having your cake and eating it: travelling around Devon, but carbon-neutral”


It’s now almost two years since the District Council actively encouraged a carbon-neutral enterprise:

19 September 2019 – Zero emission electric taxi gets go ahead from council – East Devon


As reported in the Herald at the time:

East Devon District Council grants private hire license for zero emissions vehicle | Sidmouth Herald


Today, the Herald reports on the formal launch of the company:

East Devon’s first zero-emission hire car now on the road | Sidmouth Herald.


With the full press release here:

. – Press Release – 23 July 2021





Cream first!

Ah, Devon! The land of milk and honey, where the cream is thickly laid on puffy scones (jam on top!) and where the bees buzz in meadows and verges.

But can we keep it that way?

We know we are very lucky to be living in the green and pleasant land that is Devon. But more of us are asking ourselves whether we can pass on this relatively pollution-free and unrushed corner of the world to our children and grandchildren. 

We all know about climate change and trying to keep our carbon footprint low. But how can we do our bit? How can we change just one thing that would make a difference?

Transport is the key

Well, transport takes up the biggest part of our own personal carbon footprint – the amount of fossil fuels each of us uses on average every year. So, we can definitely do something by tackling how we get out and about – from daily trips to special journeys. And that can be done by making use of a dedicated fleet of 100% electric private hire cars.

Which is where the newly launched company EcoWheel comes in.

Clean and green

As the name suggests, this Devon-based firm is all about being eco-friendly – that is, about delivering travellers safe and sound, all in an environmentally-positive way. By making use of EcoWheel’s fully-electric, chauffeur-driven cars, we can definitely do our bit to save the planet.

As EcoWheel is all about carbon-emission free transport, we can be absolutely sure that our journey is contributing to making Devon carbon-neutral – especially as the company tries to cover its own electricity needs from renewable green sources when on the road.

Using their services, then, is about more than travelling – it’s a mindset for our sustainable future. A mindset which we’re all tuning into, from the councils who hand out the car-hire licences to our children who are already ahead of us in thinking ‘clean and green’.

A quality service

Travelling electric also means that the journey itself is much quieter and smoother than the average trip. Especially here in Devon, where we all want to keep down our impact on noisy roads – as well as keeping the air clean and fresh. Travelling using the latest automotive technologies gives the highest comfort and convenience – but it also ensures a safe and secure journey.

And it seems that in EcoWheel, we have a private hire company which delivers a quality service which is much more professional and reliable than the average service out there. We can feel their professionalism from the start when visiting their website – it’s modern and hassle-free, especially their booking system. All of which can be seen at  Just a click on their app, and we’ve got a ride sorted.

Jam on top!

It is possible, then, to get around in comfort and style, fast and efficiently – but totally guilt-free. With Devon’s first fully-electric private hire company, we can enjoy travelling, whilst committing to taking care of our beautiful environment.

It seems, then, that we can have our cake and eat it. Or at least our scone – with the jam on top of course.


EcoWheel – press release – jul21 – final v1

EcoWheel Ride | Sustainable Chauffeur services