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EDDC elections 4th May: all Sidmouth seats contested

  • by JW

“Should the Vision Group for Sidmouth hold hustings?”


The District Council has just published the list of candidates for the upcoming elections on Thursday 4th May:

Sidmouth Rural (1 seat)
John Loudoun – Independent
Christina Richards – Conservative Party Candidate

Sidmouth Sidford (3 seats)
Lisa Garner – Liberal Democrats
Mike Goodman – Conservative Party Candidate
Stuart Hughes – Conservative Party Candidate
Marianne Rixson – Liberal Democrats

Sidmouth Town (2 seats)
Ian Barlow – Independent
Denise Bickley – Independent
Sophie Richards – Conservative Party Candidate
John Zarczynski – Conservative Party Candidate

5 April 2023 – Every East Devon District Council seat contested in upcoming elections – East Devon

It has been asked whether the VGS is putting on an event for the elections, bringing together candidates and electorate – as it has done now for each of the local and parliamentary elections over the years.

The question then is:

“Should the Vision Group for Sidmouth hold hustings for the District Council elections?”