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EDDC elections 4th May: candidate profile: Stuart HUGHES

  • by JW

Sidmouth Sidford ward


The District Council elections are happening in two weeks’ time: EDDC elections 4th May: all Sidmouth seats contested – Vision Group for Sidmouth

The VGS has contacted all the candidates standing in the elections – and has asked if they would like to provide a profile for publication.

These short manifestos are being published as they are received.

Stuart HUGHES 

Sidmouth Sidford ward

My track record shows positive results achieved over a wide range of issues as someone who listens to residents and stands up for what is right for both the individual and the wider community. 

If re-elected on Thursday 4th May I will continue to be a strong voice at East Devon District Council for the Sidmouth Sidford Ward, giving 100% in my Community leadership role, working with residents, community groups, the Town and County Councils in securing, enhancing and protecting local services.

I will continue to champion the implementation of cycling and walking infrastructure, including the multi-use trail links between Sidbury and Sidford, Sidmouth to Feniton and seeking funding opportunities for Active Travel. 

I will continue through the Local Planning process to oppose any development of the Sidford business park land, which would have a detrimental effect on the quality of life for local residents through increased traffic and would also lead to the eventual destruction of the green wedge between Sidford and Sidbury. 

I will work to help improve the shopping experience of both our town and local shopping centres at Woolbrook, Sidford and Temple Street along, together with the Vitality and Viability of tourism industry, and creation of further well paid job opportunities.

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