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Exeter: city of culture

  • by JW

Exeter City Council has ambitions, as reported on Devon Live:


City of culture aspirations for Exeter launched

A strategy to make Exeter known nationally and internationally as a city of culture has been launched.

The vision of Exeter’s Arts and Cultural Strategy sets out a clear direction for progress to 2024 and aims to innovate and lead in the areas of the environment, wellbeing, cultural literacy, creative making and heritage to build a living city where everyone lives well.

City of culture aspirations for Exeter launched



It’s all about place:

Exeter is at a pivotal and critical time in terms of cultural development. Many cities at a national level have recognised the role culture can play in place shaping. Cities such as Hull, Liverpool and Bristol have used culture as a regenerative force that has significantly changed the face and perceptions of these cities.

Cultural strategy — Exeter Culture