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Exeter launches waste and recycling survey

  • by JW

The East Devon District Council boasts about how much recycling they deal with:

District Council’s recycling record

Although there are limits to what it can deal with:

East Devon’s new recycling plant: what it can and cannot do

Meanwhile, Exeter City Council are not doing so well:

Recycling rates drop in Exeter

Although they are very proud of their “Materials Reclamation Facility” at Marsh Barton – which actually earns the council some money:

SidEnergy visit to Exeter waste-to-energy plant


The council is now surveying residents about what to do next with its recycling services, according to Radio Exe:


Exeter City Council launch waste and recycling survey

They want to improve recycling rates.

People living in Exeter are being asked their views on rubbish and recycling in the city.

The City Council says it recycles 30% of all waste collected in the city, but other authorities in the region have a recycling rate of over 50%.

Despite this, the authority says the city’s total waste produced per head is the fourth lowest in England outside of London. The Council’s Materials Reclamation Facility is also sorting plastic from other authorities.

Recycling brings in upwards of £1million for public services in the city, which the council says is essential because of central government funding cuts.

The survey asks about people’s priorities for kerbside recycling like glass and tetra paks, as well as current recycling habits. You can take part here until Tuesday 30th April 2019.

Exeter City Council launch waste and recycling survey