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Face masks and plastic pollution

  • by JW

Every minute of the day we throw away 3 million face masks.


In the early days, these pages looked at how to get hold of locally-made face-masks – which were really very helpful projects back then:

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Including plastic pollution:

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Here is the latest research from the University of Southern Denmark:


Face masks are a ticking plastic bomb

Every minute of the day we throw away 3 million face masks. Many end up as potentially toxic micro- and nanoplastic or carriers for other toxicants in the environment, researchers warn.

By Birgitte Svennevig,, 3/10/2021

Recent studies estimate that we use an astounding 129 billion face masks globally every month – that is 3 million a minute. Most of them are disposable face masks made from plastic microfibers.

– With increasing reports on inappropriate disposal of masks, it is urgent to recognize this potential environmental threat and prevent it from becoming the next plastic problem, researchers warn in a comment in the scientific journal Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering.

The researchers are Environmental Toxicologist Elvis Genbo Xu from University of Southern Denmark and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Zhiyong Jason Ren from Princeton University.

Face masks are a ticking plastic bomb

Face masks and the environment: Preventing the next plastic problem — ScienceDaily


The wider media is picking this up:

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photo: Mask And Risk Danger – Free photo on Pixabay