Failing to protect us from air pollution

The government is still dragging its feet over air pollution:

Futures Forum: UK government plans to improve air quality > not enough?


Today’s Times front page leads with its ongoing campaign for cleaner air:


Failure to cut air pollution could land politicians in court, warns UN health expert

Politicians could end up in court for failing to protect their citizens from air pollution, according to the UN’s top public health official.

Maria Neira compared the crisis over air pollution to the asbestos scandal, in which governments were accused of failing to act quickly enough to save lives despite knowing the risks.

In an interview with The Times, the director of the World Health Organisation’s Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, said that delaying action on the sources of air pollution, such as road traffic and wood burning in urban areas, would cost thousands of lives. She praised this newspaper’s Clean Air for All Campaign and supported our call for sales of new petrol and diesel cars to be banned…


East Devon’s air is not as bad as London’s, but it’s certainly not good:

Futures Forum: Air pollution and over-development: Exeter and East Devon “recording high readings” of nitrogen dioxide emissions


And down the road it’s actually quite bad:

Let Bristol Breathe (Bearpit) – public domain

Bristol Green Party

Bristol diesel ban considered in air quality proposal – BBC News

Futures Forum: Councils such as Bristol still missing deadlines to submit plans to deal with illegal levels of air pollution

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