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#FixAtHome campaign

  • by JW

“What can be better to fight the corona blues than making repairs?”


Over a year ago, the Manchester Declaration was launched:


“The UK community repair movement came together for the first time at Fixfest UK on 6 October 2018, and wrote the following Declaration to UK policymakers, product manufacturers and designers:

“We ask UK legislators and decision-makers at all levels, as well as product manufacturers and designers, to stand with us for our Right to Repair, by making repair more accessible and affordable, and ensuring that we adopt product standards making products better supported, well documented and easier to repair by design.”


This is part of the Repair Café and ‘right to repair’ movements:

New ‘right to repair’ laws

Of repair cafés and making things

Reduce e-waste: extend the life of smartphones


But events now seem to be changing the dynamic.

With repair cafés closed, the right to repair has been largely replaced by the need to repair:

Make do and mend


There have been all sorts of initiatives – including:

Repair Café TV |


#FixAtHome against the corona blues

Now that more and more people are forced to stay at home, it’s time to fight the corona blues. What can be better to do this than making repairs? In the next two weeks, iFixit, Repair Café International and other organisations are running the hashtag campaign #FixAtHome. The campaign will run on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Participating is very easy. Share social posts with the hashtag #FixAtHome about things like:

  • Repairs/projects/builds you’re currently working on at home
  • Instructions for projects that can be done at home
  • Food for thought: Why repair is a good thing (e.g. evergreen blog posts, podcasts)

Want to know more? Watch this video by Jiri Krejci, read the campaign brief by iFixit and join #FixAtHome

Repair Café and the coronacrisis |


With more here:

#FixAtHome: Repair Culture Is Alive And Defying Quarantine | 


Finally, for some local repair stories:

Sidmouth Repair Cafe