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Free cook book from Recycle Devon: waste less and save money

  • by JW

Every Saturday of late, the Guardian has been looking at how we can enjoy our food a little more:


The county council has been doing the same, as reported in the Herald:

Recycle Devon launches new online recipe book to help reduce food waste

And here is a lot of “reused, repaired & recycled” stuff – from the Recycle Devon website:





Research shows that everyone throws away more food than they think they do. Nearly half of waste thrown away is fresh fruit and veg, bread, dairy produce, rice and pasta. This can be due to buying too much in the first place, not storing things properly so they go off quickly, not eating things in time and cooking too much, especially things like pasta and rice. These handy tips can help you waste less and save money – up to £800 a year for the average UK family with children!

Why Save Food?

‘Your food isn’t rubbish’ find out why you should save it here…

Save money

Five little wins to save money and reduce food waste.

What You Can Do

Keeping food out of the bin is good for our pockets and the planet combined; find out more here

It All Adds Up

tips, tools and inspiration you need to make the food you love go further.

Recipe Book

Whatever food you love, this book can help you waste less and save you money… and it’s a lot easier than you might think!

Food saving gadgets

From vegetable cushions to bags clips, onion savers to spaghetti measurers, there are plenty of gadgets to help you zap food waste forever.

Getting the most from your food

Top tips on getting the most out of those key ingredients. From cheese to eggs, to carrots to tomatoes, we’ve got you covered!!

Get involved

Please help to spread the word with your family, friends and community by using these helpful resources.

Recycle Devon Recipes

If you’re looking for inspiration why not try some of these easy to follow recipes yourself? Plus, submit your own for the chance to be featured on our website.