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Getting rural housing right

  • by JW

“A huge amount of truly affordable housing is needed: investment into this area could bring about a massive boost to jobs and the economy.”


We are seeing the prospect of the ‘wrong sort’ of rural housing being built – as reported earlier today:

The government is set to revise its proposals for controversial planning reforms in England, after new housing targets prompted a backlash amongst some senior Conservative MPs.

Mr Jenrick has said local authorities will be expected to come forward with potential sites for new buildings – taking into account constraints, such as areas protected by the green belt. But several Tory MPs have expressed concern that the government’s plan could mean more homes in rural areas and in the South East, rather than the North and Midlands.

New homes plan revised after Tory backlash – BBC News


Meanwhile, in other news today, at the other end of the country, help is being provided;

SCOTLAND’S five-year programme to fund affordable housing projects in rural and island communities is being extended. Housing Minister Kevin Stewart has told the Scottish Parliament that the Rural and Islands Housing Funds, launched in 2016 with a value of up to £30 million, will now run beyond March next year. The funds help groups such as community organisations, development trusts and private landowners to build new affordable housing or refurbish existing properties, and have already supported projects that will deliver around 200 homes.

Fund for affordable rural housing gets extended | The Scottish Farmer


The Prime Minister is expected to announce further ‘green’ measures later this week

From National Parks to Zero Carbon Clusters: What will make it into the 10 point green recovery plan? (registration)


The problem will be to reconcile all sorts of contradictions;

Johnson’s housing plan threatens his own green pledges | Comment | The Times (paywall)

Johnson’s housing plan threatens his own green pledges | East Devon Watch (full piece)


The Campaign to Protect Rural England has a plan:

Our findings show that rural homelessness has more than doubled – but with investment, there are huge opportunities to boost communities and the economy by creating new truly affordable homes for those in need.

We’ve worked with two other organisations connected to life in the countryside (English Rural and the Rural Services Network) to do a new analysis on government figures and check the status of rural housing… Our calculations show that for every 10 new affordable homes built, the economy will be boosted by a huge £1.4 million. Every 10 new houses would also support 26 jobs and generate £250,000 in government revenue.

We know a huge amount of truly affordable housing is needed. So investment into this area, when multiplied by the number of homes needed, could bring about a massive boost to jobs and the economy – even cutting the government’s budget deficit.

Our research shows new rural housing can turbocharge the economy – CPRE


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