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Have yourself a healthy Christmas

  • by JW

… for example: prepare your own meals!


Several councils are encouraging us to stay healthy over the festive season – with tips to manage the pandemic of course, but also that we should spread the Christmas cheer:

Older neighbours and relatives are more vulnerable in the colder months and may need a bit of extra help this winter, so make sure you keep in touch and check in on them when you can.

We can also stay healthy by not bingeing on chocolate Advent calendars!

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And we can enjoy the festive spirit without bingeing on stuff generally:

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Finally, amid the pre-Christmas rushing about and before the New Year resolutions, here are some very practical tips on how to have a healthy lifestyle – with just one of 30 tips chosen below:

We all know the basic ways to be healthier, but have you considered how easy it is to incorporate healthier routines into your lifestyle?

The general rule is that exercise, correct nutrition, and practising regular mindfulness while making time for yourself are all contributing factors to a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to make small changes one day at a time or try to reinvent your routine, this is an easy-to-follow guide with some examples on how to introduce healthy lifestyle changes and maintain those habits.

Prepare your own meals

This will empower you to cook more and feel more in control of your body. The body is a temple, and we should treat it as such, by paying more attention to what you put in it. Working on your cooking skills and preparing your own food is a great way to focus on healthier eating. Your body will thank you for this, as you will be saving money and reducing your intake of hidden fats, salt and sugar. Even if you only know how to make one dish, find a new recipe and be adventurous. Try some different flavours and see what works and what doesn’t.

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