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How sustainable is the construction industry? How resilient is our infrastructure?

  • by JW

Concrete is responsible for a lot of global warming::

Futures Forum: Climate change: and concrete: “the massive CO2 emitter”

Futures Forum: How sustainable is the construction industry? … ‘Concrete is responsible for 7-10% of CO2 emissions’ … ‘The industry must shift its emphasis beyond recycling and towards reuse’


But there are further sustainability issues with concrete: “Exposed-concrete structures, such as bridges and tunnels, have an approximate 50-to-60-year life span…”


The Archdaily website reposts a piece from Common Edge:


Assessing Resiliency and Risk: We Can’t Save It All

Conversations around resiliency today seem to imply that planners and designers might be capable of—might even be expected to—save every building and public space at risk. The sad truth is, however, that we cannot, and perhaps we should not. Climate change and its attendant sea level rise will radically redraw urban edges, forcing us to make difficult decisions. Even if we had the vast sums of money required to protect the precarious status quo, that might not be enough to stave off the inevitable.


So, then: What are our priorities? How do we choose what to save? How do we responsibly chart this uncertain future? I believe the answers to these and similar questions should begin with an honest assessment of three essential considerations:

(1) Consider the useful life of buildings, structures, and public spaces…

(2) Evaluate their worth to society…

(3) Officially categorize structures and spaces and take action based on risk management and climate change considerations…

Assessing Resiliency and Risk: We Can’t Save It All | archdaily


See also: Common Edge / about


Looking at Sidmouth, how long can we expect the new Alma Bridge to stand?

As the above piece also notes: “Steel structures are also limited, if they are not regularly inspected and monitored for rust and deterioration.”



Construction of new bridge to replace Alma Bridge in Sidmouth