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How to make your business more eco-friendly

  • by JW

Ways to make your business more sustainable.

Does your business have a plan for reaching net zero?


How can we be both business-minded and green?

In a special series on ECOpreneurship, we have looked at how both new and established businesses are doing their bit for the planet:

How to help the environment through your new business – Vision Group for Sidmouth

How established businesses are reducing their impact on the planet – Vision Group for Sidmouth

There are further steps which many businesses can take:

Part three: “How can you make your business more eco-friendly?”

Reports from Devon:

There are indeed lots of tips online. A contract waste company has a few ideas for coffee shops:

Coffee is in high demand. If you run your own coffee shop, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your cafe is eco-friendly; just follow our top tips below.

Make Your Coffee Shop Eco-Friendly | Devon Contract Waste

There is also good practice to learn from. Food Drink Devon looks at what a local business is doing:

At Devon Farm Kitchen, we pride ourselves on being ‘zero landfill’, and we strive to put environmental considerations ahead of profit. Meals are delivered on returnable and reusable ceramic plates making it easy for customers to cook the meals in a microwave or conventional oven, and they can be used time and time again as our driver will collect the plates and bowls on the next delivery round.

Sustainability Spotlight: Devon Farm Kitchen | Food Drink Devon

There are groups and organisations doing their bit to help local businesses. The Chamber of Commerce has frameworks and advice:

Does your business have a plan for reaching net zero? Now is the time to make one. We’ve also put together a Net Zero Directory which features advice from experts who can help your business improve its energy efficiency.

Net Zero Hub – Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Reports from abroad:

Again, there are lots of tips online. Greebiz offers some very practical steps for companies to go greener:

11 ways to make your business more sustainable

  1. Offer remote work. …
  2. Provide public transit commuter benefits. …
  3. Use sustainable products. …
  4. Make use of secondhand finds. …
  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle. …
  6. Compost. …
  7. Use sustainable packaging. …
  8. Make energy-efficient upgrades.

Prioritizing the planet: 11 ways small businesses can become more eco-friendly | Greenbiz

And it needn’t be costly, as Forbes showed in a piece earlier this week:

4 Easy, Economical Ways To Green Your Small Or Medium-Sized Business