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Improving mental well-being in Sidmouth

  • by JW

… by offering low-key, informal mental health support 


Sid Valley Help has been at the forefront of providing key information about health and social services – including mental health:

Sid Valley Help > the stories


And the Youth Centre has been focussing on how younger people can access help:

Sidmouth “to be the first mental health friendly town”


A new initiative has been launched, as reported in the Herald:


Twelve ‘community connectors’ signed up in Sidmouth

An initiative to provide low-key, informal mental health support ‘built into people’s everyday lives’ is gaining momentum in Sidmouth, and across East Devon.

The iBelong scheme revolves around people whose day-to-day activities already bring them into contact with those who might need help. A recruitment event took place in Kennaway House on Thursday, January 23, and 12 people signed up. These people will now attend workshops to help them develop the skills and confidence to offer support when they see it is needed.

The Sidmouth session was led by Di Fuller of Sid Valley HELP, one of the key organisations involved, and Kevin Feaviour from Imagine If, a company helping organisations create the conditions needed for mental well-being.

Twelve ‘community connectors’ signed up in Sidmouth |

photo: (Webinar Recording)