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Inspiring community energy projects at work

  • by JW

“Our residents want good energy-efficient homes that are affordable to live in – that’s ‘climate’.”


A question:  Can community energy projects help Bristol get to net zero? – The Bristol Cable

And an answer: Renewable energy doesn’t need to be owned by big companies – it can be owned and run by communities – The Bristol Mayor

This is the Lawrence Weston area of Bristol – the UK’s first domestic housing microgrid with battery storage: The English city using community energy to drive positive change – Positive News

And this is Brixton Energy, a not-for-profit co-operative creating renewable energy projects whose financial revenues stay within the local community: Transition Town BRIXTON: Supporting transition to a sustainable Brixton

There are so many inspiring local energy projects – for example: Energy Garden London

With another, where you can bypass the energy market to lock-in cheaper pricing: Ripple Energy | Join Ripple

Which is another first: UK’s first-ever consumer-owned wind farm secures green light for construction following landmark £1.1m Welsh Government funding – Dev Bank

To finish, another question: What are the benefits of community wind power? – Energy Saving Trust

With an answer: UK should ‘mobilise army of volunteers’ to transform energy landscape | Renewable energy | The Guardian

As the one of the volunteers from Bristol says: “We tried to engage residents on climate, but they were quite resistant, quite offended if I’m honest, over the fact that they’re being asked to change their behaviours, when they feel it’s not them jetting off the Atlantic six times a year, it’s not them in their Chelsea Tractors, it’s not them with their log burners. They’re told the ice caps are melting thousands of miles away; well, the ice in their freezers is melting – and that’s where their priorities lie.”

“If you’re trying to bring communities like ours on this climate journey – that’s the type of approach you need to take. Our residents want good energy-efficient homes that are affordable to live in – that’s ‘climate’.”

Tom Heap takes us to the wonders of community energy: Costing the Earth – Community Energy – BBC Sounds