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Japan in Transition – the Amagasaki potluck

  • by JW

The latest from the Transition Network:



Third in the series of Guest Blogs from Japan sees us visit Transition Town Amagasaki and hear how Transition Town Kobe started.

Since March 11th , 2011, I feel as if the world is faced with a decision about which way to go. It’s probably not about our decision. It’s more like earth’s judgement…

Originally Transition Town activities started, accepting the earth’s judgement of “global warming.” So it’s actually a natural thing that many people have been shifting in this direction after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

After the earthquake, residents in the same town, who had no previous relationship, get together to eat and discuss energy or the ideal society of the future…

It was the beginning of Transition Town Amagasaki potluck.

Japan in Transition – Amagasaki Potluck


And on YouTube – most in English!