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Knapp Nature Reserve to go to SVA

  • by JW

The council wants to sell off a Sidmouth nature reserve – and luckily the Sid Vale Association are willing to take it off them – as reported by the Herald:


SVA announce plans to acquire Sidmouth nature reserve

East Devon District Council placed a notice in last week’s Herald stating it intends to dispose of the 8.39 acres at the Knapp nature reserve in Station Road.

The Sid Vale Association (SVA) has confirmed it has agreed terms to acquire the reserve from the District Council and hope it will go through in the next few months.

SVA announce plans to acquire Sidmouth nature reserve


And a nice little place it is too:


Creative Commons Licence: Knapp pond in winter © Anthony Vosper cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph …


Here is the District Council’s page for the nature reserve;

Knapp Copse Local Nature Reserve

And here is the County Council one

Strangely both of them say the land belongs to the County Council and is only managed by the District Council …. so how did EDDC post the sale in these words?

We hope the SVA has good a good conveyancing solicitor.