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Knowle relocation project: more profit for a retirement development

  • by JW

The District Council recently had to answer a couple of Freedom of Information requests about its relocation project:

Knowle relocation project: further FOI requests


It put out a press release at the same time, saying how nicely things were going:

Council proud of uninterrupted services during move to Honiton |


And this ended up in the press:

Knowle relocation project: costs and profits


And the press continues to report on the story – although the headlines spin exactly the same story very differently…

… from Devon Live:

Costs of delay in sale of East Devon’s former HQ revealed | Devon Live

… from Sidmouth Nub:

East Devon District Council to receive extra £1.5m for sale of former HQ | Sidmouth Nub


As East Devon Watch points out:



It’s just that S106 money which had been held in abeyance is being paid!

PegasusLife is NOT paying more for Knowle! | East Devon Watch


Another story emerging is that the development will not be opened up to all ages – as is happening with another similar development from PegasusLife:


Developers have no plans to change use of Knowle retirement flats like at Portishead

There is no plan to change a multi-million-pound retirement community at Sidmouth to allow flats to be sold to people of all ages, developers have assured.

It comes after PegasusLife applied to change the use of a similar 126-flat retirement complex in Portishead, near Bristol. The move could potentially generate £1.2million.

Speaking to the Herald this week, the developer said it had no plans to do the same with the 113-home scheme at Knowle – East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) former HQ…

Developers have no plans to change use of Knowle retirement flats like at Portishead | Sidmouth Herald


PegasusLife might change their mind in Sidmouth if it means more money, as it has in Portishead:

Huge block of retirement apartments in Portishead could now be sold on open market

People urged to have say on controversial change of use for sprawling retirement complex

Anger as developer changes Portishead retirement complex proposal to sell flats on open market


Here are the proposals from PegasusLife for Sidmouth:

PegasusLife: plans for the Knowle, Sidmouth


It’s a nice place to retire to:



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