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Liveable Exeter “highlights the property crisis while trying to solve transport challenges”

  • by JW

A lot of plans are being put together for the county town:

Exeter Transport Strategy > consultation now open

Exeter: portrait of a city published: “educated, sustainable, unaffordable”

A better connected, more ‘liveable’ Exeter

Because something needs to happen:

Exeter is the country’s 12th least affordable city

There are questions over whether its latest big plans are in fact ‘development for sustainability’:

Exeter Vision 2020: ‘sustainable development’?


Today’s news from Radio Exe gives the official line on the positivity of the new ‘vision’:


Exeter Vision backed by councillors

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

By Daniel Clark

It’s now been formally adopted.

Cllr Pete Edwards, leader of Exeter City Council, said that the 20-year ‘Liveable Exeter’ vision gives the council a chance to shape the way that development takes place in the city.

Liveable Exeter highlights the property crisis while trying to solve transport challenges facing the city, proposing a need for residents to ditch cars and walk and cycle instead.


 Exeter Vision backed by councillors