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Local elections 4th May: get your voter ID sorted!

  • by J.W.

“You need to check now that you’ve got an acceptable form of ID.” [Martin Shaw, former county councillor]


There will be local elections in May: East Devon District Council Elections – 4 May 2023 – East Devon

And there will be a requirement to show voter identification: Following the passing of the Elections Act 2022, from 4 May 2023, individuals who wish to vote in person, including those acting as a proxy on behalf of another individual, will be required to produce an accepted form of photographic ID to prove their identity before they can be issued with a ballot paper. Voter ID 2023 – East Devon

The EDDC website gives more information on what exact ID will be required: Voter ID – 2023 – East Devon

The District Council was against the new legislation – with cross-party support for its stance: Council opposes Government plan for voter ID in elections | Sidmouth Herald

Last month, Transparency and Democracy portfolio holder at the District Council Sarah Jackson said she was “so concerned that a significant number of people will not bother voting or be unable to vote this time around as voting is becoming increasingly arduous.” East Devon councillor speaks out against voters having to use photo ID at future elections | Local News | News | Seaton Nub News

And in today’s Herald, former County Councillor Martin Shaw urges people to make sure they have officially approved photo identification: “You need to check now that you’ve got an acceptable form of ID.” ‘Apply for your voter ID now for May’s local elections’ | Sidmouth Herald

And indeed this is what all councils are doing across the county: Voters urged to make sure they have photo ID ahead of local elections – Devon Live