Local Electricity Bill successfully introduced into parliament

“Empowering and enabling new community energy companies … to accelerate our transition to clean energy.”


Last month, the campaign for community energy ratcheted up:

The community energy revolution – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With a bill which has been steadily gaining traction:

Local Electricity Bill – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And last week, it was successfully introduced into parliament by its lead sponsor Peter Aldous MP, who said it will help address two great challenges:

“By empowering and enabling new community energy companies to sell energy that they generate directly to local people it will help strengthen local economies. This is urgently needed given the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also accelerate our transition to clean energy, which is critical in avoiding the potential economic and ecological devastation of climate change.”

Local Electricity Bill successfully introduced into Parliament to help ‘empower’ community energy | Current News


Here’s the latest news from the Power for the People campaign:


I have very good news: Last week the Local Electricity Bill was successfully re-introduced into Parliament. The Bill’s lead sponsor Peter Aldous MP gave a rousing ten-minute speech (that my colleague, Steve Shaw, wrote) in the House of Commons on the Bill. This speech went unopposed and the Bill’s reintroduction was passed without the need for a vote. This was the perfect result for us. 

Here’s a video of the highlights from Peter’s speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waNfiKSqDzQ

186 MPs now support the Bill, which helped ensure its successful Parliamentary reintroduction last week. We will continue to build MP support. 186 MPs is encouraging progress, but for the Bill to be made law, we will need around supportive 400 MPs.

In the closing words of the Peter’s speech: “Let’s work together to turn the compelling objectives of this Bill into reality. It is now time to deliver power for people.”


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