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Our Planet, Our Exmouth

  • by JW
The latest from Transition Exmouth:



We are in a Climate Emergency.

But what does that actually mean for us in Exmouth?
What is going to change to move us all towards a zero carbon future? How can we be a part of this movement?

Your membership of Transition Exmouth shows that you love our town and have a concern for wider environmental issues.
We want to start the conversation by inviting you, and other committed people from around our town, to a networking meeting on

Thursday November 7th
from 6pm to 9pm
at Marpool School

Transition Exmouth (TrEx) is a long-standing, newly-invigorated group.
We aim to network with like-minded people in our community.
Since Greta, School Strikes, Attenborough and XR, the tide is starting to turn.  Exmouth Town Council, East Devon District Council, Devon County Council and our national Government have all declared that we are in a Climate Emergency.

We believe that together we can make things happen here in Exmouth.

At the meeting, we will:

1. Map what work is currently being done in Exmouth, and what plans are afoot
2. Identify actions that can be taken immediately by individuals, groups and authorities
3. Plan how to organise ourselves and access funding for longer term sustainable projects

We will work in small groups, with feedback to the overall meeting, so that everyone will be heard.
We will provide welcome teas, and a supper of homemade vegetable soups, breads and cakes.

We do hope that you can join us.
Please email or call Carol Jay, TrEx secretary,  on 0781 604 7676 to register.

If you are unable to attend, please contact us , and you will have the opportunity to contribute your ideas by email.
We will keep you in touch with outcomes from the meeting, and hope you can join us at a future event.

Please share this among your networks. We need everyone to be involved.

Nicky Nicholls (Transition Exmouth Chair) & the Umbrella Group :
Adrian Toole, Andy Locke, Carol Jay, Catherine Causeley,
Doreen Sandham, Jan Gannaway, Jane Habermehl, Mike Rosser,
Noel Harrower, Rob Masding, Simon Pardoe, Tim Dumper

Transition Exmouth