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Outside of London buses are expensive, unpopular and quality is poor

  • by JW

Bus services need a little help:

How to encourage people to use buses

Half of bus routes ‘at risk due to lack of funds’

We need a “radical reimagining of transport” > free buses

Invest in buses > “transport infrastructure makes a real difference to the effectiveness of local economies”


They certainly need some help outside London, as reported in today’s i newspaper:


“In London, the buses work for passengers. They are cheap, popular and high quality,” says Luke Raikes, senior research fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research North think-tank. “But outside of London, the opposite is true. Buses are expensive, unpopular and quality is poor.

The extent to which deregulation has failed passengers can be seen in the most recent bus usage data published by the Department for Transport. Local bus statistics show the number of local passenger journeys in England fell by 85 million in the year ending March 2018.

Deregulated bus services in Manchester are ‘unpopular with …