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Plans for housing in East Devon

  • by JW

There are lots of plans for building new housing when it comes to the current national election campaign:

Brexit election must address housing crisis, says FMB | Politics Home

General election 2019 | National Housing Federation

All political parties must commit to building more social housing | Shelter

Communities will get legal right to fight ugly buildings in their towns | The Telegraph

Corbyn’s housing disaster: Plan will cost taxpayers BILLIONS and send prices soaring | Express


And there are lots of plans for housing in East Devon – some of which are not working:

Cranbrook: from eco newtown to housing estate: part 2


Whereas plans for Sidmouth seem more promising:

Affordable housing for local people

New housing for local people

Self-build housing for Sidmouth


Here’s a piece on today’s East Devon Watch blog which is very critical of East Devon District Council’s plans to build housing to serve Exeter – and to build such housing in the villages northwest of Sidmouth, just outside the protected AONB:



Woodbury Salterton is currently a lovely place:

_DSC7987 | Jason Henry | Flickr Taken on August 12, 2014  Some rights reserved


Unless a new government sees otherwise, it does indeed seem that such places will form part of the push to build dormitory towns in East Devon:

Greater Exeter Strategic Plan > Hundreds of more houses for East Devon

What is the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan? And how will the new District Council work with it?