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Raising the splash wall on Sidmouth’s Esplanade: reaction

  • by JW

There have been a lot of very vocal responses on the Sidmouth Community Facebook pages to proposals to raise the splash wall along the Esplanade:


With 363 comments on this point:

This just makes me sad. It really feels like our council are hell bent on ruining our beautiful town at every turn.

19 September at 07:06


And more comments on this point from earlier today:

Sat having a drink outside a pub on sea front enjoying the site , the waves , the sand ( what a beautiful relaxing view) —- then I heard of the plans to build the prom wall higher – so anyone sitting outside a cafe , hotel , dukes, Mocha – means the beautiful site will be an awful BRICK WALL – what on earth is becoming of our beautiful little town and Sea front ! Council gone crazy

3 hrs


Pictured on the comments pages is this mock-up of what it might look like:



And the mock-up shows a new campaigning website:

Sidmouth Sea Defences

… with info and a chance to leave a comment on the new Forum.


See more here:

Raising the splash wall on Sidmouth’s Esplanade: website info