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Recycle, repair, reuse, upcycle!

  • by JW



Last week was Recycle Week in the UK and tomorrow is REPAIR Café day in Sidmouth!

Devon joined in The BIG Recycling Hunt, RECYCLE Devon’s ‘Zone’ has an ongoing set of great Resources for Teachers & Parents – and there’s a reminder that we shouldn’t bin it but fix it, as 62% of broken toasters are repairable.

And in between the recycling and repairing, there is REUSE – as in the Exmouth Cup:

A reusable cup scheme has been launched in a Devon town in a bid to cut down on waste. The Exmouth Cup scheme will allow people to borrow a cup from some cafes when they buy a hot drink and then return it to any other firm involved. The cup could then be reused, Exmouth Town Council said. Officials said eight businesses were currently involved but more were expected to join soon. People could also return cups to the Town Hall.

And we can UPCYCLE – with Recycle Devon giving plenty of handy tips and their latest tweet out today: