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Redesigning our spaces after the coronavirus: part two

  • by JW

Reimagining our parks and public spaces, our homes and offices, our restaurants and shops.


The coronavirus pandemic will reshape the future of architecture, office design and communal workplaces – as well as restaurants, commercial spaces and meeting places:

Redesigning our spaces after the coronavirus


An architects practice is offering tools to help reshape our world:

As architects around the world reimagine public spaces in the midst of the coronavirus, Italian architecture firm Caret Studio has envisioned the “StoDistante” installation. Searching to reconcile people with the outdoors, and allowing theses spaces to reopen safely while respecting the social distancing measures, Caret Studio created a temporary installation that reflects our current situation.

Caret Studio Reactivates Italian Plaza While Respecting Social Distancing Measures |


The BBC takes us to a list of guidelines for companies to follow, to ensure a “Covid-secure” workplace – and takes us around such a possible space:




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These are all themes which are arousing increasing interest from the media these last few days – whether it’s parks, our homes, offices, restaurants or our towns and cities:

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