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Refill your plastic water bottle!

  • by JW

It can be done easily and safely at outlets everywhere.

It’s all about trying to reduce ‘the pandemic of plastic pollution’.


This month, there’s been a real effort to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away:

Plastic Free July – the campaign starts – Vision Group for Sidmouth

This is in the midst of fears that plastic pollution is increasing.

Zac Goldsmith writes in today’s Telegraph (paywall):


When it comes to plastic water bottles, there is the refill scheme to help us to reuse our bottles

– and many cafés and shops in town will refill for free:

Home | Refill | Free Refill Stations on a street near you.

And if done properly, it is very safe indeed:

Refill advice during Coronavirus outbreak | Refill

Besides, there are some great refillable bottles out there, which can be used again and again and again:

Refillable products – Ethical Superstore


It really is a problem, however, to get us to refill rather than throw away our water bottles – and it’s a matter of psychology and marketing:


Why Do We Drink So Much Bottled Water?

The Convenience Industrial Complex figured out how sell us something that we don’t need at a price that’s too high.

In her wonderful book Bottlemania, Elizabeth Royte quoted a Pepsico marketing VP who told investors back in 2000: “when we are done, tap water will be relegated to showers and washing dishes.” Or as the Attorney General on Idiocracy wondered, “Water? Like out the toilet?

And then there are all those plastic bottles. How will they deal with that problem? Royte quotes a Coke exec: “Our vision is to no longer have our packaging viewed as waste but as a resource for future use.” – anticipating the circular economy by two decades…

Why Do We Drink So Much Bottled Water?


photo: Free photo Environment Contamination Plastic Garbage Waste – Max Pixel