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Restoring the South West’s seagrass

  • by JW

The ‘Seeding Change Together’ project in Cornwall


Picture Matt Slater and Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Seagrass and seaweed have all sorts of benefits:

Planting seaweed and seagrass forests – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Seagrass as ecosystem service: naturally removing plastics – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And there are several projects happening in the South West:

Seagrass in Lyme Bay – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Seagrass in Plymouth Sound: ‘new milestone’ – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With parallel and similar ideas emerging for kelp, a type of seaweed, as showcased at the Sea Fest in Sidmouth this year:

Kelp our Oceans: Help our Kelp – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Could seaweed become a major part of the economy of the South West? – Vision Group for Sidmouth

There really is a lot of interest emerging in these key marine plants:

Kelp beds and sea grass meadows |

With a handy guide here:

Seaweed, Kelp and Seagrass: What’s the difference?

A new local project has been announced:

Restoring Cornwall’s Seagrass | Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Restoring Cornwall’s Seagrass: A Seasalt Cornwall & Cornwall Wildlife Trust Partnership – YouTube

With more in today’s press:

Cornwall Wildlife Trust River Fal seagrass project Seasalt

The launch of a new project to restore Cornwall’s carbon-capturing seagrass meadows has been announced today during National Marine Week.
Funded by clothing brand Seasalt Cornwall and implemented by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the ‘Seeding Change Together’ project aims to restore intertidal seagrass found in the Fal Estuary.
Seagrass plays a critical role in absorbing and storing the world’s coastal blue carbon. Using technology never previously trialled in Cornwall before, marine experts will identify and test restoration methods that can be scaled up in the fight against climate change.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust River Fal seagrass project Seasalt | Falmouth Packet

Pioneering seagrass restoration project | Business Cornwall