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Sarah Allen of Exmouth suggests… we reuse stuff!

  • by JW

A month ago, Transition Exmouth held its AGM – with “Local zero-waste celebrity Sarah Allen” as guest:

Transition Exmouth’s AGM – 22 September


The Vision Group has also featured her:

Sarah Allen of Exmouth suggests… we buy less stuff!


Here is another update from TE’s latest newsletter:


Sarah’s 7Rs

To be blunt: we all talk about it but Sarah actually does it so take some leaves out of her book. Here is the link to Sarah Allen’s blog on the subject of reducing waste:

We are all familiar with the 4Rs but here is Sarah’s 7Rs take on that mnemonic: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, Recycle, Return. After our AGM. Sarah agreed to my publishing her notes so here is her 3nd inspiring instalment, on REUSE:

  • Charity shops for clothes, gifts, toys, household items. Just keep passing around things we don’t need to buy new.
  • Switched disposables items with reusables (tissues to hankies, wipes use flannels, kitchen roll/dish cloths to reusable cloths instead).
  • Reusables in handbag (tip out bag, blog post: 5 plastic free tips for out and about)
  • Reuse wrapping paper (only bought new twice), cards become gift tags, paper used on both sides.

Thanks Sarah.


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