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Should Sidmouth have a Spa?

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Sidmouth was founded on the principle of being a health resort. Its climate and sea bathing were a tonic to those weary after the London Season, or those who could not afford the South of France in winter. Then we established state of the art Baths which were finally used as rehabilitation facilities for soldiers after the First World War before falling into neglect.

Now Scarborough ( which has received many grants to get it back to its former splendour) is now trying to reposition itself once again as a Spa resort why shouldn’t we?

Just think ……. if we could dig out under the cricket pitch using the Arches as an entrance …….

Telegraph report

‘Historically, Scarborough has been a big hit with the spa set. At the beginning of the 17th century the mineral waters were believed to have ‘medicinal’ properties, spawning the town’s reputation as a good place to ‘take the waters’ and resulting in its considerable growth as one of Britain’s first seaside resorts.

Janet Deacon, Tourism and Corporate Marketing Manager for Scarborough Borough Council and Area Director for Welcome To Yorkshire said that she hopes it will “help to transform Scarborough into a spa town for the 21st century, leading the way – just as it did in the 18th century’

Come on you new EDDC Councillors …. let’s go for it!