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Sid Valley Ring

  • by JW

The Walking Festival will be with us again in a couple of weeks time:

Sidmouth and East Devon Walking Festival

One of the highlights will be the new Sid Valley Ring – as reported in the Herald:

Richard Thurlow, chairman of the Sid Vale Association, said “The Sid Valley Ring uses existing footpaths and has been set up with two main ideas in mind, firstly to encourage more walking in the area and secondly to show walkers, many of whom are tourists, what a fantastic range of buildings and scenery the valley has to offer.

“We have a marvellous mix of coastal and inland scenery, and a fine built environment. Sidmouth is a visually interesting and diverse place, with plenty of accommodation.”

Sid Vale Association and town council to launch new walking route | Sidmouth Herald

With one of the walks taking in a section of the Ring:

Sid Valley Ring Part 1: Linear 6.5 miles

Back in the winter, the Residents’ Magazine ran a nice little piece on the project:

Stepping out around Sidmouth

Some sections do indeed look tough – but glorious nevertheless:

Sid Valley Ring Walk